Hiking Solo

Good afternoon beautiful people! It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon, and the weather outside is what my mum would call “gorgeously ugly weather”, perfect to stay in and get some writing done. Summer so far has been gorgeous, life is happening and feels like there is no time left in my days. This weekend I took … More Hiking Solo

Where is my hut?

I will reach the top of Mount Fishtail, sooner or later, it’s on my bucket list. Weekends ago I decided to explore the start of the track. I had a warm Sunday ahead, lots of time to spend by myself and the will to explore. Studying the DOC a plan made its way in my … More Where is my hut?

Rawhiti Cave

In Maori Rawhiti means sunrise. The name comes from the special exposition the cave has to the light, it causes a significant twilight-zone flora rich in phitokarst, as is very well described HERE. I happened to be in Takaka few weeks ago, had not much time and needed an easy hike to fit in the … More Rawhiti Cave