Hiking Solo

Good afternoon beautiful people! It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon, and the weather outside is what my mum would call “gorgeously ugly weather”, perfect to stay in and get some writing done. Summer so far has been gorgeous, life is happening and feels like there is no time left in my days. This weekend I took … More Hiking Solo

November 2017

Hello everybody! How have you been doing? I’ll just elegantly pretend hasn’t been 14 months since my last post … a good friend told me I don’t need to stress about it, I need to see blogging as my escape from a busy job in the corporate world. I’ll try and listen to her and … More November 2017

Panta Rei

Panta rei stands for “everything flows”, not a big discovery right?! We all know that every day is a new day and it’s a different one from the previous. If I recollect my Chemistry, it’s just a matter of entropy. Entropy is the measure of the degree of disorder of a system. The second law … More Panta Rei