November 2017

Hello everybody! How have you been doing? I’ll just elegantly pretend hasn’t been 14 months since my last post … a good friend told me I don’t need to stress about it, I need to see blogging as my escape from a busy job in the corporate world. I’ll try and listen to her and drown my sense of guilt in soda water(we are all healthy now, did I tell you?).

Bear and I have been at home, as in my home, Italy. We have been totally screwed by jet-lag (it is a real thing and never ever underestimate the power of sleep and the energy unbalance of missing one and maybe how good good drugs are…) I felt like a very slow version of myself for many days. I won’t complain about the weather over here, you just need to know that winter is never over, and that, on the flip side, saves me a seasonal closet change.

Italy has been a rambling mix of hugs, too many meals, too many coffees, tears, so much love that my heart barely kept it all in, old and new memories watered with Aperol Spritz all the way, crazy plans for the future, wild dreams and all of it while Carbzilla was chasing us around (she won). I don’t know how we made it alive. The emotional centrifuge gave me quite a ride this last trip. We did not manage to rest(maybe three hours overall?!)but packed so much in that is not even funny.

We are back on the frontier, we managed to bring wine back, I got two packets of Pocket Coffees stolen from my checked-in bags (mother truckers I hope you end way more miserably that my vivid imagination can depict), I caught up on all the movies I missed in 2017 and my plants were still alive!

Last but not least, my wedding dress travelled safe in my carry-on all the way from Contrada Sant’Onofrio and is now on New Zealand soil ready to get married next year!

And that’s a wrap.

I leave you with some pictures (if I remember how to do this), thank you so much to whoever visited the blog and read my ramblings in these long months of absence.

A meal for kings, Fiera del Vino in Via Paolo Sarpi, Milan. We bought fresh tortellini and focaccia and boar and deer lonza from the street stalls to enjoy them home.
Work in progress Duomo style, Milan.
Aeroporto d’Abruzzo, the best region in Italy(I am not even slightly biased).
Balzolo, Pennapiedimonte, Majella National Park.
Do I need to caption beauty?
One of the many churches in Todi.
Arrosticini maker, can’t wait to use this!

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