To write or not to write

Once upon a time there was a girl who liked to write, and you gotta believe me, she didn’t just like it, she loved it. She even refused to totally handle away her life to Outlook, stubbornly keeping an A4 daily diary for her life(and an handwritten monthly planner…perfect copy of her Outlook Calendar, let’s not be too naive..).

It has been ages! How did this happen? Going from the best purposes ever to no posts since February…must tell that in my actual galaxy feels like February was, let’s see, a couple of months ago! In my life this feeling is on since university. High school lasted 10 years in my heart, not 5, uni felt like 1 year, instead of 5. I landed in New Zealand, the second time, February 2013…and feels like maybe one year, one year and a half. We are blessed with a great life. A busy one, as it happens, even living in the woods!

Since the last post another harvest went by, summer ended, autumn is a faded feeling of mild warmth on my skin and winter is almost over(they like to think spring starts the 1st of September in this country, but technically is still winter) with its bad memories of frosts and for me it’s always a relief. I realise the full entity of how miserable I am, just when the days lengthen, and I feel the urge of new sunscreen(and make-up).

I am a perfectionist and I receive true pleasure in spreading happiness in my beloved ones, hence whatever I do, it need to be done at a certain standard and oftentimes I feel bound to my words. If I say something, I mean it, otherwise I don’t say it, so simple, so hard. I’d love to keep writing in two languages, put up a beautiful page of diary in colourful Italian and my special version of English, but…I can’t. Hence I decided to go ahead, try my best and see how it works, in my second language.

I know I can’t make everybody happy…but that doesn’t mean I will stop trying, it just mean I will (try to) not be so hard on myself.


Happy end of Winter and beginning of a brand new week!


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