Rawhiti Cave

In Maori Rawhiti means sunrise. The name comes from the special exposition the cave has to the light, it causes a significant twilight-zone flora rich in phitokarst, as is very well described HERE.


I happened to be in Takaka few weeks ago, had not much time and needed an easy hike to fit in the afternoon schedule. The cave was a pleasant surprise, you can’t walk inside it but admire the phytokarst stalactites and stalagmites from the balcony. They are made of limestone and plant matter, for this reason they grow towards the light and not straight down.

IMG_3493 - Version 2IMG_3494 - Version 2IMG_3499 - Version 2

In lingua Maori Rawhiti significa alba. Si tratta di una grotta situata in una valle, in alto, con una particolare esposizione alla luce del sole, d’estate e d’inverno. A causa della particolare composizione della roccia si osserva il fitocarsismo, ovvero crescita di stalattiti dirette verso la luce piuttosto che verticali. IMG_3488

Una passeggiata piacevole e breve, 40 minuti alla grotta e mezz’ora scarsa il ritorno alla macchina.


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