Picton Waterfront 

Sunday was my day off, vintage is happening and lab is on fire, headed to Picton for breakfast. Sunny and crispy, gorgeous day, not quite summer, not yet autumn. I would love to live one window away from the sea again.    Domenica era il mio giorno libero, siamo in piena vendemmia e il laboratorio … More Picton Waterfront 

Rawhiti Cave

In Maori Rawhiti means sunrise. The name comes from the special exposition the cave has to the light, it causes a significant twilight-zone flora rich in phitokarst, as is very well described HERE. I happened to be in Takaka few weeks ago, had not much time and needed an easy hike to fit in the … More Rawhiti Cave

Summer storm

Few days ago I was on my way back from the Onamalutu Valley (with a flat tyre, by the way)and had to stop to look at the sky. When it gets to taking pictures my favourites are the sky, possibly cloudy, and the ocean, as you might have guessed. Great day to everyone! Qualche giorno … More Summer storm

Kaikoura peninsula

I love Kaikoura, this little town once dedicated to whale hunting and now turned into ocean oriented tourism. Just a shot from the top of the Peninsula, one easy short walk you will want to do if you are in town. Check the seal colony, enjoy the unreal colours of the water…it’s the Pacific Ocean. … More Kaikoura peninsula